PLUNGER FLUTE - Musical Instruments aboriginess and ethnic

, from C├│rdoba ARGENTINA - Sunday, 20 September 2020
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PLUNGER FLUTE - Musical Instruments Crafts
The Plunger Flute is a lot of fun because of the sound possibilities, as well as being used in children's musical education. It is a flute with a small rod that when extending or contracting it changes the pitch or pitch of it.
Sound sample of the Flauta de ╔mbolo
This flute is made of metal and can produce a wide range of sounds, is used for special effects, children, clowns, fun, etc. The extension of the rod allows to vary the tuning of the same, a sound very similar to a human whistle but with a great capacity of manipulation.
This possibility of extending or contracting the rod to change the pitch makes it an instrument similar to a trombˇn a rod but with flute sound, which shortly after using it can easily reproduce any type of song, which allows to go educating The ear and the ability to reproduce any melody.
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