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OVERTONE FLUTE - Musical Instruments Crafts

Instrument wind

generator natural harmonics, the

family Fujara

(folk instrument Slovak tenth century), this is built on metal (to reach the 4 octaves) and is in various tunings (A, F, and so on.), Their size ranges between 40cm to 80cm in length.
Sound sample of the Harmonic Flute Video of the Overtone Flute Video of the Overtone Flute
This instrument is a derivative smallest in size Fujara (very old Slovak, dating from the tenth century), its characteristic is that the flute has no holes to close (as oldest) and can be achieved many musical notes as it blows air with varying degrees of intensity.
The Flute Harmonic runs with a breath basically weak to achieve the sound of the key note, then blowing with more pressure obtained the notes of the natural harmonics of the fundamental note. For example, if the key is a C, the next is another C top of the eighth and after ascending sounds a way G, C, E, G, B (flat), C, D, Eb, E, F, F# , G, Ab,A, and so on. Coming up 4 or 5 octaves. It is often also used the hole back of the flute to plug completely cover or medium for achieving a progression of other musical notes.
It must be emphasized that there is a similar instrument in America, in the Amazon region (called RUCU), and also in Ecuador, built a bamboo very thin and fragile, making a sound similar with the option to run between 2 to 3 octaves.
Although the original instrument had 4 or 5 notes well defined, we now build metal especially with diameters calculated to achieve approximately 16 to 23 different notes.
His sound is very particular and refers to the medieval times, his music also has an air Celtic for their freshness and dynamism.
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