PINKUYO or PINCULLO - Musical Instruments aboriginess and ethnic

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Musical Instruments Crafts, aboriginess and ethnic


PINKUYO - Musical Instruments Crafts
Andean instrument of pico, that is to say that the blow directly on the extremity of the cane produces the sound, has 6 holes superiors and one underneath for the thumb, are tuned diverse tonalities always greater. The bamboo is of Bolivian origin since it possesses the ideal characteristics for the best sound.
Sound sample of the Pincullo
Pincullo or Pinkillo has insufflation channel, the size of the instrument varies between 30 and 40 cm in length; Has six holes for its execution. Its structure is similar to Quena, but in the upper opening it has a mouthpiece similar to the sweet flute. It consists of 7 holes and runs almost vertically. In the upper part it has another opening to harmonize, it is one of the most complete musical instruments and it fulfills functions similar to those of the quenas.

Flute with embouching channel consisting of a reed whose upper end is cut to bevel to form the mouth, by means of a small block of wood or wax that is placed in its interior, to form the channel.

History and functionality:
It is executed in the religious festivities of the Virgin of the Rocks of Livilcar and in the Tirana, the instrumental bands of the dancing brotherhoods use Quenas and Pincullos of bigger sizes than the common ones.

Andean instrument from the Quechua and Aymarß cultures.
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