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SAXO OF BAMBOO or WOOD - Musical Handcrafted Instruments
This instrument of modern invention is also known as

Andean saxophone or simply sax cane

, bamboo or wood, is constructed of about 3 to 6 pieces of wood or bamboo of different diameters assembled together and heated inside and outside, ending with A pavilion of pumpkin. The mouthpiece similar to that of a metal saxophone allows the use of reeds of both high saxes, tenor, sopranos and clarinets. Its sound incredibly reproduces the same timbre of a metal sax. They are perfectly tuned and their fingering allows the execution of diatonic, pentatonic, blues, etc. The range is approximately two octaves.
Sound sample of Bamboo Saxo or wood sax Video of the Saxo de Bamb˙ or wood sax
Initially in 1989 we began to construct the

saxes in bamboo

in 2 to 5 sections of different diameters which produced sounds very similar to the saxes of metal although their volume a little poor and unstable, the construction of them was difficult due to the imprecision between the diameters of bamboo.
Saxons were produced that reproduced an octave perfectly tuned.
Kaypacha with SAXO DE BAMBU
Subsequently, to achieve more stability in the sound and independent from the vagueness of the internal diameters of bamboo, a better pitch and volume, when we incur in making glazed ceramic nozzles adjustable largest pumpkin and add the flag in the saxophone for more volume.
So we got to the saxophonist WOOD:
SAXO OF WOOD, more powerful sound of the bamboo and sweeter. (two octaves of registration)
To investigate the acoustics of the materials we found that the use of wood instead of bamboo produce sounds rich in harmonics which are much closer to the sound of a saxophone in addition to cash and more volume, greater stability in the sound and the pitch and the ability to play two octaves perfectly in tune.
Investigated initially with different types of woods to find an interesting variety of hardwoods and not so heavy that we gave the main characteristics that we sought, the higher volume, sweeter sound, accurate sound, rich harmonics and ease of use.
We are making excellent wooden saxophones in four sections and assembled as a pumpkin flag, these saxes are decorated with pyrography and blowing techniques over the whole body of the instrument.
Tabs can be adapted (rod) for soprano saxophone, tenor and high reeds of clarinets and also very simple to assemble and disassemble it.
All saxes are provided with a protective case.
The dimensions are perfectly adaptable to the hands of any person or child who wishes to start saxophone, has 6 holes which were plugged front 3 and 3 with both hands and a single hole in the back that should be covered with the thumb, the latter is also the eighth hole.
The fingering is direct, ie, to form a musical scale, are uncovering, from the bottom up, one by one hole.
These saxophones are more tuned in A, if a cap all the holes produced and uncovers an all orifices produces another top of the eighth.
Kaypacha playing wood sax
These high-quality saxophones compete in their sound, the saxophone metal and ease of execution by not using keys, 2 octaves perfectly reproduced and refined their sound is powerful and sweet.
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