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BORRINDO - Musical Wind Instruments
The Borrindo, Bhorrindo or Borendo is a musical instrument coming from India is built in pottery or clay. This globular flute receives different names according to zones. It is a spherical or ovoid flute with three or four holes to type. A larger hole that is where you blow and other smaller to type. The spherical shape of this musical Instrument called Borrindo facilitates the variation of the tuning, something typical of the melodies coming from that region, only with moving the angle of the mouth.
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The Borrindo is a small ceramic hollow ball with three or four holes. The upper hole is larger than the others, which are the same size with each other. The small holes, which serve to enter and produce different musical notes, are arranged in a triangular form. The Borrindo is handcrafted in ceramics.
The notes are produced by blowing transversely through the largest hole, ie by supporting the lower lip at the edge of the hole or by half-closing the hole, while entering the smaller holes to produce specific notes.
Its spherical characteristic facilitates the variation of the tuning just with moving the angle of the mouth.
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Although this musical instrument of wind can be found nowadays in diverse cultures of the world, its more remote origin dates from the inhabitants of the ancient Sihnd of India, today Pakistan, and of central towns of India where the children usually it Built and touched, it is said that they also touched the people while they took the cattle to graze on the fields.
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