CAHSCHAS - Musical Instruments aboriginess and ethnic

, from Córdoba ARGENTINA - Friday, 01 December 2023
Musical Instruments Crafts, aboriginess and ethnic


CAHSCHAS - Musical Instruments Crafts
This musical instrument of percussion or idiofono called Chaschas, chas-chas or chajchas, comes from the Andean region of America, is constructed by a cloth bracelet in which are subjected to dissected goats plains. Gently tapping its sound is similar to rain.
Sound sample of the Chaschas
Las Chaschas is a bunch of dissected goats that are pierced and pierced by a son of waxed cotton or tanza (fishing thread) which are subject to a cloth bracelet, is a very old ritual musical instrument of the region Andean region of America, can be found in northern Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. They have 30 to 50 dry goat's hooves which give a quasi-crystalline sound when they hit each other.
chaschas or chajchas
It can be used on the ankles to mark the pulse with the feet when dancing, or also fastened on the wrists and the arms. Another way is to hold it is by hand and beat it with different intensities. An intense and fast chiseling of the chips produces a loud and strident sound.
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