OCARINA - Musical Instruments aboriginess and ethnic

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Musical Instruments Crafts, aboriginess and ethnic


OCARINA - Musical Instruments Crafts
Andean wind instrument, originally made of ceramics. This one is constructed entirely of tacuara cane and its mouth of outbreak of bamboo, its size oscillates between 6 to 8 cm of stop.
Sound sample of the Ocarina
Although the instrument was originally made of clay or ceramics as they were built on the Bolivian or Peruvian highlands, these ocarinas have a similar sound.
At the front there are 6 holes which cover 3 and 3 with each hand, leaving at the back 2 holes to be covered by the thumbs of both hands. To achieve a musical scale, the fingers should be progressively uncovered from the bottom upwards starting first by the three holes of the right hand, then the remaining 3 of the left and finally the back holes. The sound is achieved by gently blowing the small piece of bamboo. His record is one octave and one note. Do - Re - Mi - Fa - Sol - La - Si - Do - Re.
It is a very simple musical instrument to play and to quickly build typical melodies.
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