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COYOK o silbato amazónico  - Musical Instruments Crafts

Wind instrument to mimic the sounds of birds

, wore Aboriginal Argentina (Formosa) and Brazil (Amazon). Made of bamboo, its size ranges from 6 to 10 cm long. It's pretty simple to execute and its sound is high volume.
Sound sample of the Coyok o silbato amazónico Video of the COYOK or AMAZONIC WHISTLE
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This instrument wind it can be found in aboriginal cultures both in Brazil (Amazon), and Argentina (Formosa). It is built of bamboo into two pieces assembled, its dimensions are reduced and is simple to play.
he COYOK, is a musical instrument that belongs to the culture WICHIS and TOBA, in the province of Formosa in the north central Argentina, is a mixture of toy musical instrument and it is used by children of this community, but the role of the same is to imitate the song of the birds from the forest or jungle.
COYÓ the name means "bird" in the dialect WICHI, added a "C" or a "K" at the end of the floor is an idiom for writing and pronunciation.
COYOK kaypacha
It is said that children are beginning to call the birds instead of imitating his song, this produces the response of the birds and dialogue tends to be prolonged in time. So children are communicating with nature and the environment, beginning to practice through the notes with COYOK extent that projected as musicians to future.
Coyok kaypacha
With one hand are the lid in holes the Coyok, the thumb on the end of the bamboo thick and the other end with the rest of your fingers, so that the peak (bamboo smallest) is pointing towards our mouth. With the other hand argues for the Coyok do not drop because the other hand will be uncovering and plugging holes back and forth. The blow of air is made by the mouthpiece (smal bamboo).
There are thousands of sounds of birds that can mimic, using the movements of the fingers and also of several blows air. Some may be soplidos; as a direct Tuuuuuu, or Trrrrrrr ....., Taka-Taka-Taka, and so on. The instrument can be blown gently or hard reaching its sound over long distances outdoors.
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