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N'GONI KAMELÉ - African Harp

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; this 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 or more string African harp is used by the Dioula people of Burkina Faso. Have a

pentatonic pitch

, is constructed of pumpkin, goat leather, nylon ropes. It is usually played to accompany the songs with one or balafon (wooden plate instruments) also pentatonic in the region. It is played with the index and thumb of both hands.
Video del Ngoni - Madomba sirabakele Video del N'goni
kamelé NGONI
The N'Goni is usually executed by the Dioula people of Burkina Faso. The instrument is called Kamale Ngoni, (also known as the more traditional hunter to the Donso Ngoni 6-string) although the Ngoni Kamele is a more modern version ("Kamele" means Young).
The tuning is pentatonic. The Goni usually 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 strings, and has a record of more than tonal eighth.
The N'Goni touches just for the accompaniment of songs, or together with a pentatonic balafon in the region. As you Kora, the Goni is played with the index fingers and thumbs of both hands.
N'goni The harp is also a double row of strings, in which to play a musical scale strings are interspersed in a row to the other.
NGONIs kaypacha
forma de tocar el NGONI
Usually the thumb covering the strings pitch more record while the index fingers touching you address only the most acute, the remaining fingers to hold instruments of small arms to the wooden sides of each row of strings.
Originally these instruments did not have pins, but adjusted terms mast into strips of leather, which was very difficult to pitch it.
We have adapted a simple set of wooden pegs for easy tuning. The typical tuning for a N'goni is from the most serious to the most acute the following tonal progression: D, F, G, A, C, D, F, G, etc. Another typical tuning is B, D, E, F#, A, B, D, E, etc. We currently manufacture 10 and 12 string kamele Ngoni (with wood or guitar plugs) with microphone and case.
Kamalé N'goni
Koni, Ngoni
Kamalé N'goni
African Harp Ngoni
African Harp N'goni
Microphone in the Ngoni
We have adapted a microphone inside it in order to capture all the resonant sound in the gourd of the instrument, and to be able to electronically amplify or process the natural sound of the ngoni.

Latest Ngoni 12-string models, guitar tuning pegs and microphone:
Ngoni of 12 strings
N'goni with Pegs of guitar
African Harp Ngoni with micrófono
African Harp Ngoni
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